The Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Technology in the Dairy Industry

To meet consumers’ demand for the diverse tastes of dairy products, manufacturers need to innovate packaging designs. According to the given material and the type of laser marking machine, dairy packaging materials and laser marking technology can interact in completely different ways. The choice of high-quality laser marking solutions depends on the level of understanding of these interactions.

Insights | The power of professional learning communities

In the modern world of education, progress and continuous professional development (CPD) are key. With everchanging methodologies, advancement in technology and shifting ideas, the best schools are those that change with the times. Traditionally, schools will resort to bringing in outside educational companies and CPD providers to upskill their teachers. However, Wellington has also recognised the

Insights | Computer science is more than just coding

Computers are ubiquitous. Nearly all of us carry one in our pocket and use it for everything from watching videos to ordering dinner delivery. In fact, you are reading my words on one right now. Of the world's 10 most valuable companies, seven are technology firms. Even companies that do not directly deal in digital technology are bound to have some sort of touchpoint with it. Increasingly, data i

EPQ Programme a Huge Success

​Following the EPQ course's early successes, the year 13 pupils spent the remainder of the term eagerly awaiting their results, which were announced on January 14th after an extensive process of external marking and moderation.

Into the Classroom | Young Entrepreneurs

As part of the milepost 2 International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the pupils of Tianjin international school in year 3 and 4 are studying all about entrepreneurs within the theme of conservation, animal welfare and protection and what it means to be a young entrepreneur within this context of learning. Although the majority of people are more than happy to work for an organisation, some choose a d

Meet our Educators丨A Journey towards Excellence in Education

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Melissa Meyers, the Deputy Head of Junior School at Wellington College International Tianjin. Melissa is a creative and active person who is very excited to be part of the team at the college. We caught up with Melissa recently to talk about her first year at this Tianjin international school and what plans she has for the future.

The porcelain statue of Maitreya in Jingdezhen of Qing Dynasty

The porcelain statue of Maitreya in Jingdezhen of Qing Dynasty

The Double Flag coin of the Republic of China

The Double Flag coin of the Republic of China

How to Achieve High-speed QR Code Printing by CYCJET Laser Marking Machine

With the rapid and continuous development of online marking, the traditional marking like character, digits, barcode can not satisfy some special requirement by different customer. The normal marking only present the directly information when we look at the printing, such as date, serial no, name etc. Along with QR Code technology development and improving, it can carry more valuable information t

Bitget CEO Sandra Indicates More Implementation in Defi in the Future

​Bitget is one of the world's largest derivatives trading platforms. With its globalization strategy and excellent operation strategy, Bitget has always been in a leading position in cryptocurrency derivatives industry.

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