Filecoin mining method that is better than cloud computing power and mining machine-LaFil Mining

How long is the mining service cycle of Filecoin cloud computing services that are commonly purchased at present? 540 days? 3 years? Even if you buy a mining machine, the service provider should have told you that the machine can generally mine for 3 years, or 5 years, etc. In short, there is a service cycle.

Optical Fiber Laser Printer is Widely Used in Manufacturing Industry

The optical fiber laser printer is a kind of laser marking equipment which uses different lasers to beat laser beam on the surface of various substances and make the surface matter change physically or chemically through light energy, so as to carve out as patterns, trademarks, and words.

BYD Builds One-millionth New Energy Passenger Car

BYD is today celebrating a significant production milestone by becoming one of the first new energy vehicle manufacturers globally to produce one million electric passenger cars. The one-millionth car, the Han EV, rolled off the production line today at BYD’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.

Risen Energy embraced the Vietnamese wind market with the first 50MW wind energy EPC project

Ninghai, China—May 20, 2021--Recently, Risen Energy Co., Ltd. (300118) (hereinafter referred to as "Risen Energy") announced that it has reached an agreement to provide EPC service for 50MW wind energy project in DAK HOA, Vietnam. This is Risen Energy’s first wind energy EPC project in the world.

Red Flag Stock Exchange is established in the United States

Recently, the Red Flag Stock Exchange was established in the United States. This is a Chinese stock exchange.

"Super NMN" Officially Launched Under The Investment Of You Quanbing and His Team

Pengmen International recently announced that the "Super NMN" anti-aging product, led by You Quanbing and his team, will soon be officially launched on the market.

Gosund Smart Plug WON The Red Dot Design Award

Relying on the human-oriented design concept, convenient intelligent control functions and quality control for excellence, Gosund smart plug SP111 for EU standard and WP5 for US standard win the Red Dot Award in the category “Interior Design Elements” and “Smart Products” prizes.

Art and architecture intertwine, the famous violinist Lu Siqing played wonderful music at the Asia Financial Center of the Beijing Investment Group-the International Cultural Exchange Center

On May 18th, Lu Siqing , the world violinist, staged a gorgeous engagement between art and architecture at the Asia Financial Center of the Beijing Investment Group. This charity performance was co-sponsored by the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) and the Asia Financial Center of the Beijing Investment Group. Leaders attended the event: Jin Liqun , President of the AIIB; Wang Ning, V

We are Wellington Proud to be in Wellington Community

This article in the series is from the mother of Audrey (Year 9), Mrs Cathian Kwok Cheung, who is also the chairperson of Friends of Wellington Hangzhou international school. Audrey was born in Hongkong. In 2005, their family moved to Shao Xing, where Cathian is originally from. They have been living in China mainland for almost 15 years.

Great powers act as bridges for all nations -Xie Qianli, an international cultural messenger

Xie Qianli, born in Donghai, Jiangsu Province in January 1966, is a native of Nanjing, a descendant of Xie An, and a full-time calligraphy teacher. He graduated from Tongshan Normal School in Jiangsu Province in 1984, and graduated from Nanyi calligraphy seal cutting specialty in 2000. Write and publish seven volumes of copybooks. Chinese Calligraphers Association is one of the first batch of 23 p

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