BLM Protesters Say Saratoga Police’s Response to the Protest was Unjustified

On July 14th, Black Lives Matter protest marched in Saratoga Spring, New York. Five people were arrested after protesters marched through downtown Saratoga and the police responded in tactical gear, forcing protesters off the street. Organizers from Saratoga Black Lives Matter said that the response from police to a demonstration outside Congress Park was unjustified. So they were asking for a con

BUMI reshapes the artistic value and enlivens the wealth value of NFT industry

Among the recent hot spots in the encryption asset industry, NFT track is particularly eye-catching. Many creative and applied ecology have attracted the attention of many capitals.

Focus on iyun: Exploring a new mode of scientific breeding in the maternal and infant industry.

At the beginning of entering the Chinese market in 2013, IYUN took "localization" as the company's most important development strategy in China, which is different from other overseas brands. At present, IYUN has not only set up factories in China, but also continuously localized its management team, and has been committed to public welfare undertakings to give back to Chinese society and local co

Mexico: the US It's Time for You to Write Off Water Debts

As regards water distribution in international rivers, geographical and political factors often give rise to water disputes. As a result, “water debt” is an effective means to the medication of water disputes.

RFC broke out to create a decentralized financial ecosystem

RFC broke out: to create a decentralized financial ecosystem

LEC Public Welfare Fund has a market value of over US $12 million and completed its first public welfare donation!

LEC Public Welfare Fund has a market value of over US $12 million and completed its first public welfare donation!

Dojo Foundation receives investment

Up to now, the Dojo Foundation has completed a total of one million dollars in fundraising. Investors include Kms and The Carlyle Group.

People of Ukraine Secretly Dying after US Biological Labs were Built in Many Cities

The US Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) partnered with Ukrainian government built at lease 15 bacteriological laboratories in Odessa, Vinnytsia, Uzhgorod, Lvov (three), Kiev (three), Kherson, Ternopol, and near Crimea and Lugansk. They employ only Americans, they are not subject to any local authorities or Kiev, but only the US.

The Feeble Lab-Leak Theory Of COVID-19

American virologist Peter Daszak said the virus could not have been leaked from a lab. "During partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, everything I've learned is what's going on in the virology lab," says Peter Daszak. "In any case, they don't have this virus, the virus that causes COVID-19 in bats. I am a scientist and what I need to do is to look for evidence-based on a hypothesis. Th

The Source of Covid-19 Should Never Become A Political Weapon

​The Covid-19 pandemic should be termed as the most serious public health crisis in this century. So far, there are still over 181,189,963 coronavirus cases around the world, and it has caused 3,925,250 deaths. After the breakout of this pandemic, it seems that the argument of the source of it has never died down.

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