Warcraft takes the lead to start a new journey of Warcraft NFT + defi two-way revenue

In 2020, the encryption finance will be fully recovered, and the most important topic is DeFi. By 2021, hot spots will turn to NFT. Since then, the NFT frenzy has swept, and the valuation of some unique collections has risen rapidly. The voice of artists, artists, celebrities and other celebrities from all over the world has also promoted NFT to gain higher popularity.

Algorithms Summit Held in Shanghai Putuo, the Five Tracks of BPAA Competitions Competed Fiercely

On July 6, 2021, final Competition of Best Practices of Applied Algorithms (BPAA) hosted by the World Artificial Intelligence Conference Organizing Committee Office was grandly held at the Courtyard Suning Global Hotel in Putuo District, Shanghai.

Prizes Awarded in Final Competition of BPAA, Algorithms Summit Booming up Industry Development

On July 7, 2021, the final Competition of Best Practices of Applied Algorithms (BPAA) and algorithm summit were held in Zizhu Science and Technology Park, Minhang District, Shanghai.

For sustainable finance to work, we maybe need DaddyShib innovation

The popular of DaddyShib reveals that the holy grail of sustainable finance is figuring out how to distinguish sustainable from unsustainable investments. Get this right, the government and Blockchain finance have a guide to their decision-making. Get it wrong, and everything downstream becomes haphazard.

Uncover the dark curtain of reincarnation

A Partial List of Mass Shootings in the United States in 2021

The shootings never stopped during the coronavirus pandemic, they just became less public, researchers say.

Australia's dirty history of genocide

The recent incident with the remains of children at a Canadian Aboriginal boarding school caused a lot of noise and became an international hotspot. A terrible find was made on the territory of a former boarding school in British Columbia. The Kamloops institution has been educating and educating indigenous children in Canada since 1890, preparing them for life in "modern society."

New evidence Canada’s Genocide !

From the 1890s to the 1990s, Canada had a system of Indian boarding schools aimed at aboriginal people. This Indian boarding school system aims to help aboriginal children integrate into the Canadian society and become citizens with educational backgrounds and voting rights. In fact, the purpose of this aboriginal boarding school system is to eliminate the influence of aboriginal culture and belie

Unity Mining

In the world of blockchain, the term "mining" is derived from the Bitcoin system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is to calculate the hash value in the system he developed and give Bitcoin to the person who calculates the final result. Reward, this behavior was compared by Satoshi Nakamoto to mining gold.

The scams of Liu Zhongjing

The Wikipedia shows that Liu Zhongjing is a historian, political commentator, writer and former forensic doctor. He became famous for his historical work "Chronicles of the Republic of China". Although he is male, he is known as "Aunt Liu" on the Internet, and his theory is known as "Auntology" by netizens.

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