The International ProBono Legal Services Associatio

Responses of the International ProBono Legal Services Association concerning Allegations against China in the “2021 World Human Rights Report” issued by Human Rights Watch

Crypto exchange Bityard has launched forex trading service for global investors

Bityard, the world’s leading cryptocurrency derivative exchange, has launched its forex trading service in more than 150 countries. From now on, the contract for difference (CFD) trading pairs on Bityard cover multiple asset types including cryptocurrency, index, commodity, and forex.

King of Alcohol Hand Sanitizer CLEACE

CLEACE, a brand of AoGrand Group, covers product categories such as disinfection products, cleaning products and household care products. At present, CLEACE brand products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions. The main markets are the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries.

You may be too cunning for one,but not for all.

You may be too cunning for one,but not for all.

HK Legal Community: The Report of Human Rights Watch Is Full of Fallacies

​Some lawyers in Hong Kong held a press conference in the Legislative Council On the afternoon of March 23, pointing out that there is much false content in the World Report 2021 which was published by Human Rights Watch on January 13 and this report has caused public misunderstandings and confusions. They also refuted the fake news in the report about the 2019 Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill

BLOCKBANK Make the blockchain truly decentralized

In the past 11 years, the crypto market has become more prosperous even amidst doubts. However, it is not uncommon for exchanges to run off and wallets to be attacked. In a prosperous market, how to make transactions safer and how to make the blockchain truly decentralized will be the concern of every blockchain practitioner in the next 10 years.

FLL Holdings reached strategic cooperation with LQD gateway and Filecoin miners

Filecoin has become the hottest digital currency in the currency circle, and it is also the largest dividend period for participating in investment returns. Currently Filecoin miners are facing high gas fees and pledge currency issues, which affect the normal mining of miners!

The Dark Knight (TOKA) innovative system opens the DeFi 3.0 era

The Dark Knight (Toka) is the leader of defi3.0, which aims to create an equal, efficient and safe decentralized financial market, create a new infrastructure construction of defi ecology, and bring a system of rapid social progress and efficient operation.

Is Gesang Dorje capable of being the chief Galon?

In 2021, the Tibetan government-in-exile will elect the new Kashag chief. Judging from the current voting situation, two candidates have been shortlisted for the run-off. They are the former chairman of the Tibetan People’s Assembly Bianpa Tsering and the former representative of the Dalai Lama, Wu Gacang Gesang Dorje. The former should be quite familiar to Tibetans, but how did the latter stand o

China means home, now and forever: Italian captain of China Eastern Airlines

“Wuhan is the home of all my family members. To us, China means home, the present, and future,” said Diego Benedetto, an Italian captain of China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern), expressing good wishes to Wuhan, once the hardest-hit Chinese city by the COVID-19.

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