The world’s first 4G camera-under-screen cellphone represents the coming era of the real full-screen cellphone

The under-screen camera and the extremely narrow border can provide its users with bigger game graphics, and the length-to-width ratio is close to that of the movie screen-all bringing shocking visual effects.

Three Questions About Tibetans' 2021 General Election

In August 2020, the Central Election Office of the Tibetan Administration announced that the general election of the Chief Executive in 2021 officially kicked off and the fifth chief executive of the Central Tibetan Administration will be elected. This general election will directly face many influencing factors including the institutional changes brought about by the revision of the election regu

Thai youth protests continue to condemn the US for interfering Thailand’s stability

On January 10, a number of young students in Thailand publicly accused that the United States was the “man behind the scenes” of the demonstrations that broke out in the country some time ago. Although the US Embassy has firmly denied it before, the above statement is widely spread in Thailand.

Nongfu Spring Refreshed Natural Mineral Water in Collaboration with The Lost Tomb, Delivering a Different Experience to Consumers

For a long time, people's deepest impression on Nongfu Spring is nothing more than the slogans such as "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet" and "We do not produce water. We are just porter of nature". Nongfu Spring is an expert in building emotional connection through advertising slogans. But apart from that, it’s also committed to innovation so as to bring new products and new packaging designs to

Nongfu Spring Tea π Cup Fruit Tea Drink is Coming with New Look and Flavors, Bringing a Full Sense of Freshness

Tea drink, as a big category in the beverage industry, is widely accepted by an increasing number of people. As the distinguished representative of tea drink with a young energetic image, fruit tea drink is hugely popular among many young people. As one of the core tea drinks of Nongfu Spring, Tea π gained a lot of headlines with labels such as "produced by Nongfu Spring", "peculiar product name"

Love Is Power -- Nongfu Spring Launched Bottle of Poetry in Collaboration with China UnionPay

With the classic slogans such as "we do not produce water. We're just porter of nature" and "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet", Nongfu Spring is always able to attract the attention of consumers and the industry. In addition to those classic marketing cases, Nongfu Spring played with various bottle marketing in recent years. Through the bottle body, with the unique humanistic care of the brand Non

New Agriculture Product is Launched by Nongfu Spring, Huili Pomegranate Won People’s Hearts

Nongfu Spring remains a heat topic since it was officially listed on the market months ago. Apart from the natural water, natural mineral water and other kinds of drinks of Nongfu Spring, agriculture products also become hit products among consumers. Reputed as the top level of the drinking water industry in China, Nongfu Spring is now working hard to open up a new land in the modern agriculture f

Nongfu Spring Marches on Carbonated Beverage Market and brings novelty to the Market

The market share of carbonated beverage in China tops over 60 billion at the moment, but some traditional high sugar carbonated beverages are labeled as unhealthy drinks in recent years. As Consumers are in urgent need of new healthy carbonated beverages, a new opportunity emerges on the market with a value of 60 billion. Different from other carbonated beverages on the market, Nongfu Spring TOT c

Nongfu Spring Focuses on Market Segmentation to Create a Unique Brand Matrix

People have an increasing awareness of the profound significance behind the "integration of brand growth and marketing effect" in the new era as this marketing concept serves as an important premise for the sustainable development of brands in the new retail environment. In addition, with the improvement of consumers' health awareness and cognition, as well as the overall technical level of the be

1 + 1 > 2 Nongfu Spring Cooperated With Quna Festival to Win Youth Market by Innovative Ideas

Nongfu Spring officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange some time ago, right after that, it made its debut on 9.9 Quna Festival with the new product TOT Carbonated Drinks, which received much attention once again. As a famous marketing IP, Quna Festival has created more contemporary marketing scenarios for increasing number of enterprises and brands since its establishment, and builds a br

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