xFusion Launches the Next-Generation FusionServer V7 and FusionPoD Rack-Scale Servers

[Beijing, China, January 13, 2023] Today, xFusion held a new product launch with the theme "Fusion Leads Evolution". At the launch, xFusion unveiled its next-generation FusionServer V7 server and FusionPoD rack-scale servers powered by the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

CYCJET Laser Coding Food Packaging, Escort Food Safety!

Due to the frequent occurrence of food safety issues, how to ensure food quality has become an enduring topic. The production date and shelf life on food packaging have been erased and tampered with, and the prevalence of counterfeit products has made consumers hard to guard against. CYCJET Laser marking machine helps food safety construction.

RabbitKing gives everyone a chance to choose freedom again

China Eastern Airlines plans to arrange average daily flights of over 2,900 during Spring Festival travel rush

Thanks to the resumption and adjustment of international flights and the upcoming Spring Festival, people's travel demand will be further released in early 2023, as they will go sightseeing, visit relatives and friends, or return home for a family reunion during the festival.

ZHANG Yuren, “On My Way To Go Above and Beyond”

“The findings have given us food for thought, and I’m sure we can tap deeper into the system for more of the statistics” said by Mr. ZHANG. “They can be fed into the coming post, providing new insights about the clinical research and pharmaceutical on COVID-19”. I barely read this hot-off-the-press post on the online medical platform built by AstraZeneca China when the dialogues went through my mind. It was when the last time I saw ZHANG, and he’s holding this meeting with his group engaging in projects on COVID-19. I also reflected back how he attached great importance to the demonstrations i

China Eastern Airlines unveils new items on in-flight menu

International and regional flights operated by China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) and its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines will resume normal in-flight meal starting Jan. 8, 2023. In the mean time, China Eastern will update its in-flight menu.

GVFOOTBALL breaks through 1 million online users

It is reported that in January 2023, GVFOOTBALL will exceed 1 million online users worldwide. After 20 years of development, GVFOOTBALL has won the recognition and appreciation of users from many countries.

What is the trend of US stocks in 2023? The first bull market may be driven by technology stocks

After a year of frequent interest rate hikes in the U.S. stock market in 2022, the group of investors on Wall Street could not sit still any longer. They were all bullish on technology stocks, hoping that large technology stocks would rise again soon, open a bull market, and start the rebound of the S&P 500 index.

The wind from thousands of years ago, the melodies in the artifacts of culture —silver pot with a gilt dancing horse title design

The magnificent silver pot with the gilt dancing horse title cup pattern dates back to the thriving Tang Dynasty more than 1300 years ago.

EAL arranges first reefer chartering for China's imports of Chilean cherries

“The harvesting season of Chilean cherries nearly coincides with the Chinese New Year. I have a grand vision of replacing the new-year gift the Chinese take back home with Chilean cherries,” said Luis Schmidt Montes, former Chilean Ambassador to China.

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