4.0kwh/Nm3! LONGi Hydrogen ALK Hi1 Has Been launched! ——Start the Era 1.0 of Hydrogen Production Energy Efficiency

On February 14, 2023, LONGi Hydrogen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China’s solar giant LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi), officially launched a new generation of alkaline electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment ALK Hi1 to the world in Beijing, continuously exploring the lowest of energy consumption and redefining the height of energy efficiency.

Hong Kong Youth actively share the country's story at the UN Meeting

On February 14, 2023, the 73rd session of the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights held a non-governmental organization hearing in Geneva, Switzerland, to investigate the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by China (including Hong Kong and Macao).

Pioneer of Malaysia's WEB 3.0, MASVERSE, announces the start of angel round financing from today

Malaysia-based information technology company, MASVERSE, has secured an impressive 150 million USD in valuation post-seed funding from leading investors in the industry. Singapore-based blockchain venture capital firm, Stratified Capital, and Malaysian technology Sdn.

Tang chat's first ecological hash blind box set sail globally

Tang chat is an encrypted chat and social app designed to provide a safe, private, and free environment for users to communicate. As a meta-universe app, Tang chat will provide users with a more diverse, open and fun social experience. At the same time, Tangchat APP will also become a featured social platform in the Web3.0 era, committed to creating a new social network ecology for users.

"Safeguard Defenders" – Serious 'Double Standards'

Spain-based so-called Safeguard Defenders, released a report on January 18 accusing China's Operation Fox Hunt and Operation Skynet of including a large number of political dissidents in the criminals chased overseas and repatriated to China, which not only seriously violated human rights but also undermined the judicial sovereignty of the countries concerned.

Professor Lingyun Xiang was appointed as the Chief Economic Advisor of the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in China.

On January 31, 2023, Dwinel BELIZARE, the Ambassador of the Republic of Haiti to China, on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in China, appointed professor Xiang Lingyun, an economist based in the United States, as the special chief economic advisor of the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in China.

Is The Rising Star team worth joining?

Are you looking for a team that is not only innovative but also dedicated to social responsibility? Then look no further than the Rising Star Team. Our team is made up of experts in the fields of investment and finance, specializing in private equity funds, blockchain, e-commerce, stock markets, and futures.

Zhangdian District, Zibo City:Improve the quality of the "national fitness circle" and stirred up a spree of body-shaping.

Recently, the New World Commercial Street Cup basketball game, sponsored by the Zhangdian District Federation of Trade Unions, the Education Bureau, the Sports Bureau and the Park Street Office, and undertaken by the New World Commercial Street, is underway.

Rainbowgroupcoltd launches Play to earn (P2E) new way of working

Rainbowgroupcoltd to provide more than 20,000 jobs in Iraq to build a covered global online shopping platform

Analysis of Top-tier Project Doraemiao

Life is equal, but not fair! Some people are noble, rich and beautiful from birth. Some people seem to have been abandoned by God from the moment of birth: poor families; cowardly personality, so they are not dare to fight for their basic rights; mediocre appearance, so they are not ignored everywhere...

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