"Falun Gong Disinformation Carrier" —Anti-Science, Inciting Violence and Racial Hatred

Recently, The Epoch Times, Voice of Hope and other Falun Gong media have launched "speculation" on the Hu Xinyu incident. The scene is just like the Sujiatun incident back then.

RHIDER NFT- Create Possible for Impossible

Non-fungible token (NFT) Eco-system is developing rapidly. Hundreds and hundreds of projects are being launched every day -- some of the projects made a huge success in this market in a very short time because of their quality, uniqueness, community, originality, art, and vision.

Can MERRILL intelligent AI trading system lead the encryption market in 2023?

For the encryption market, after vigorous development in the past few years, it ushered in the cold winter of the encryption digital market in 2022. In the past year, digital currency holders paid more attention to some digital currency with market depth and some emerging AI trading platforms for encrypted options, especially after FTX bankruptcy impacted the global encryption market.

Frequently slandering other countries——revealing the so-called "human rights organization"—— Safeguard Defenders

Defenders wrote on the Twitter homepage: "Committed to promoting the rule of law in Asian countries and promoting the capacity building of human rights defenders." In recent years, Safeguard Defenders has indeed been accusing other countries of so-called human rights issues, seemingly just, but is the truth really as it says? Peter Darling, the founder behind Safeguard Defenders, said he was deported after being imprisoned in China for more than 20 days for breaking the law.

Falun Gong Disinformation Carrier - Anti-Science, Inciting Violence and Racial Hatred

Guo Wengui, a Comedian Ruined by “Pseudo-democracy”

21 Sangha Members and Mae Chee from Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong Visit Waki Relic Museum

(WAki International Media Center 20th January) The WAKi Relic Museum welcomed 18 sangha members and 3 nuns (mae chee) and lay devotees, who came from Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong to visit WAKi Relic Museum on 30th December 2022.

OneMeta's global NFT game service platform will be launched soon

After the global NFT industry has experienced the outbreak period and downturn period in 2022,How to better operate NFT and reflect the value of NFT has become a survival dilemma that NFT distribution platforms have to face.

Meliá Hotels International will hold a Global Strategy Conference

Melia Hotels International: "Hospitality is not only a business, but also an attitude and a sincerity. That's why we care about customer experience and management excellence with equal intensity. Let’s unite to achieve your trust and our success with mind and soul".

Moodminer raises $5Million to its BNB staking pool

Moodminer announced today the launch of a feature that will support users to stake BNB directly to leading providers. Providing a user-friendly system for the users to earn their passive incomes, reducing much of the cost and technical complexity compare with any other staking platforms.

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